Bazaar is a marketplace of goods and services of the Batyscaphe project! The first thing we see at the entrance to the marketplace is a signboard of the bureau of memories “Rescall”. The owner of this establishment is Schwartz! In the introduction, Schwartz inspirationally tells us about his Bureau of Memories!

Schwartz invites us to go on an unusual virtual journey – into someone else’s memories! Not exactly an ethical endeavor, since no one asks the owners’ permission! Yes! But let’s leave ethical concerns aside. And go in search of unusual items labeled “memory”!

In the games you may encounter another variety of these magical items – labeled “dreaming”! They can also be dragged to Schwartz! He’ll visualize them for you too! In other words, the Rescall Memory Bureau is the virtual gallery of the Batyscaphe project! It will display all your lucky finds! The Rescall Memories Office is common to all Batyscaphe project games!

And yes, Schwartz is sometimes weird! But don’t fight with him! Just bring him some good sausages! And he’ll forgive you right away!

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Do you want to watch other people's dreams? Then this information is for you! In one of the games, you can find a special items! It's called "Dream Catcher"! Look for it!


In Batyscaphe project games, you can find exclusive items! Some of these items make the game easier! Some of them unlock special features!


Have you found another unusual item? Did your "Dream Catcher" catch someone's dream? Drag it to Schwartz! He'll know what to do with it! He'll explain it to you!


Schwartz isn't as simple as you might think. He has hidden capabilities! Find the right approach to him! Give him the right gift! And Schwartz will do so much more for you!


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this game!

Sexy girl will answer your tricky questions.

They are in all the games of the project! There are 6 memories now. But they will be added in each version. Find at least one memory to understand what they look like and where to find them! It's a secret!

They're everywhere! In all the games in the project! There are already more than 10 dreams! Just open your eyes wide and look carefully around.)

Not always! If he's in a good mood, he'll do everything for free!
But that's not always the case!