The action of the adventure visual novel Space Minxs takes place in deep space! On a remote, little-explored Red Planet!

The main character of this adventure visual novel, a girl! As in all the best otome visual novels! Her name is Claire! And Clair isn’t just a pretty girl! She’s the captain of a space research station! That’s it!

Once, while exploring the Red Planet, Clair couldn’t resist and tried a strange fruit from the local flora. And, a few days later, Clair regretted it! She had, in a very interesting place… something, uh… incomprehensible!

Yes! Space is strange and little explored! Especially if you’re playing an adventure visual novel!  And of course, in the best otome visual novels, anything is possible! And now Clair can’t leave her quarters and doesn’t know what to do. And how she can get rid of this “miracle of nature”! In this situation, the introduction ends, and we enter an independent game!

The main task is to help the cute heroine to get rid of her ailment! And we have to do it before returning home! Like many of the best otome visual novels, Space Minxs has no time limit! But if you rush things too fast… you may end your adventure without completing the main quest!

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This is an otome visual novel! Have you played the best otome visual novels? Then you know how to play! Find unusual solutions to all problems! And not just medical ones! Try every possible solution! You have to solve all the problems!


You have to improve relations with the crew of the space station! These girls are not as simple as they look at first glance! Figure out how to get to know them better!


Interact with all the spaceships! Look for the adventure! (This is an adventure visual novel, not a game of chess with your brother!) Buy useful items and valuable knowledge! Sometimes, space merchants can offer quite unusual goods!


Pay more attention to your droids! You think they're "dumb tinkerers"? You'll see, they're not. Don't ignore them! They are your key to secret missions!

Download VN Space Minxs

(VN Space Minxs is included in the Batyscaphe project)


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this game!

Sexy girl will answer your tricky questions.
  • Collect different items on the space station.
  • Upgrade your loot in the Inventory Cube.
  • Write articles and sell them to Bloggers.

    *There are other ways to earn money in the game! I mean, it's an adventure visual novel! There's a lot of adventures here! Just find them!

Give gifts! For some people, a nice gift is enough! Some will have to be pressed with facts! But you can find an approach to everyone!

Yes! All the best otome visual novels have secrets! And Space Minxs is no exception! Do you want to find them?

  • Take more walks at night!
  • Visit alien ships more often!