Like many otome visual novels for PC, the Events that take place in the game Tunguska Secret are lost far in the past! And the venue, is shrouded in mystery, mysticism and horror!

Tunguska! The place of the legendary Tunguska catastrophe, the causes of which have not yet been found! Of course you’re already imagining it! I think you’ve played creepy visual novels before!

The protagonist of this game (as in all otome visual novels for PC) is a girl named Clair. She is an employee of a company that is engaged in fur harvesting in Siberia!

One day, while returning from a routine flight, their helicopter hits a strange anomaly and loses control! Clair ejects with a parachute, and the helicopter with the pilot flies into the unknown…

It’s bad! But the worst part is that the helicopter pilot is Clair’s brother! And he’s her only loved one in the whole wide world!

Against the warnings of the experienced Hunter, Clair decides to go in search of her brother!It was a brave decision! To go alone where even brave hunters don’t dare to go! So, as in all creepy visual novels, Claire is in for a serious challenge!

This is the end of the introduction to the visual novel Tunguska Secret! We are now entering the standalone game! You love playing otome visual novels for PC, don’t you?

You will have to investigate the dark secrets of the legendary Tunguska event! Strange events and fierce battles with ferocious creatures await you! What am I telling you – you’ve already played creepy visual novels, right? Then go for it!

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Clair is venturing into a dangerous place all by herself! As with many creepy visual novels, she's sure to need help! Look for options to help!


Fighting dangerous creatures is no joke! They can end in a very bad way! Prepare for battle from the very beginning of the game!


Carefully remember what the Hunter told you! Perhaps you didn't get it right? Or did you misunderstand something?


In otome visual novels for PC the protagonist is a girl! And she has her own strengths! Find them! Develop them!

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(VN Tunguska Secret is included in the Batyscaphe project)


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this game!

Sexy girl will answer your tricky questions.

The game will be released in a month or two. As the work goes on.Otome visual novels for PC is not the easiest game genre to play!

The story is not claimed to be unequivocally plausible! But interesting, randomly obtained information is used.

Just play and watch carefully! And stay alert! Creepy visual novels are usually full of surprises!