According to player reviews, – the visual novel Tricky Gang is the best detective visual novels in the Batyscaphe project!

The protagonist of this detective visual novel game, a private detective named Clair! A moneyed private client assigns her to investigate the smuggling of radioactive materials.

Why would the private client want to do this? Clair is not used to asking unnecessary questions of clients, especially rich ones! So she takes on the investigation, although the scenario proposed by the client is quite savory!

Clair, to disguise herself, has to marry the mobster’s nephew. What a turn of events! But, given the amount of the investigation fee, Clair agrees. And this fascinating detective visual novel game began….

This is the end of the introduction and we are fully immersed in the atmosphere of the game! In the game you will find chases, crimes, spicy situations and much more! The visual novel Tricky Gang has everything! As it should be the best detective visual novels of the project!

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In the visual novel Tricky Gang - you are a private detective! Fulfill the main quest - look for clues! The clues open new interesting Events! And not only...


Pump up your skills! There's a reason why players consider it (and a few others) to be the best detective visual novels of the project!


Communicate with everyone! Find new friends! Help people! This is the best way to make new friends! Friends will help you in your investigation and more...


Travel around the Big City! There are many secrets in this unusual detective visual novel game! Random events open up new locations and new friends!

Download VN Tricky Gang

(VN Tricky Gang is included in the Batyscaphe project)


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this game!

Sexy girl will answer your tricky questions.

In the detective visual novel game Tricky Gang, the world is completely open to the player! Go everywhere! Look! Listen! Suddenness and stealth are your trump cards!

  • Main quest;
  • 14 large character quests;
  • 30 short quests;
  • In addition - there are a dozen hidden quests and Events in the game!
  • And most importantly - the game is in progress! There is a constant development!

    *This is the best detective visual novels of the project (according to the players) and it has a special attitude to it!

Just do more Actoins!
Actoins appear as icons on the right side of the screen when you enter locations.

Drinks already affect a lot of things! It changes some of the regular Actoins. It unlocks secret Actoins! It leads to new adventures and quest lines! Drink more.)