The visual novel Witch Tutor is highschool romance game! As with all unique visual novels – this one has its own protagonist! The protagonist of this novel is a green dude named Yodov!

As a result of fleeing from some planet, together with his companions, the green dude Yodov finds himself on the planet Earth. Their ship crashes, somewhere in the northwest of Europe, in the snowy mountains. Yodov is looking for help with repairing his spaceship! 

Looking for help, Yodov wanders into the School of Magic and Wizardry! As is usually the case in all unique visual novels, Yodov has certain talents that help him out!

And at the School of Magic and Wizardry, he is accepted as a professor of applied magic! Yodov is appointed as a mentor and tutor for the young witches! He accepts because he has no choice!

From this point on, the introduction ends and we start the game on our own!

The main quest of this highschool romance game is not difficult! The main task of Yodov is to find help and repair his spaceship!

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The main quest of the highschool romance game is to repair your spaceship! Constantly look for help! There is someone in the Castle who can help you!


Like many unique visual novels, there are interactive objects! Look for them! They can unlock new Quests and Events!


This is highschool romance game! And it has some freeform elements! For example, you can punish female discipline offenders yourself!


In the visual novel Witch Tutor, you can explore the magical Castle at night! Find trustworthy companions for your nighttime travels!

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(VN Witch Tutor is included in the Batyscaphe project)


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this game!
Sexy girl will answer your tricky questions.

Yodov may conduct morning and evening uniform inspections.
Inspections are conducted directly in students' rooms.

During lessons in all non-classroom areas of the Castle.

At night! Either in student rooms or in various areas of the Castle.

Just click on the violator with the left mouse button.
But be warned - you have to do it quickly!
Because when you appear, the violator will try to escape!